Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Claims

Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Claims
Compulsory Purchase and Compensation Claims
Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Claims

We are recognised as experts in Compulsory Purchase, with over 30 years of experience and knowledge covering a wide geographical area acting for land owners, tenants and occupiers as well as statutory promoters. Butler Land Management Ltd would act to mitigate any loss incurred as part of the Scheme, ensure Accommodation Works are in place to your benefit, and attempt to reduce the level of disturbance as much as possible.

It is essential to obtain good quality professional advice in early course so that a strategic and pro-active approach may be taken. Professionally prepared Objections can often cushion the impact of a Scheme, as well as make provision for Accommodation Works. On many occasions there have been successes of adding value to property such as motorway service areas and improved access leading to development sites whilst attempting to avoid counter claims for betterment.

We can help with the following Compulsory Purchase Schemes:-

  • Road/Motorways
  • Telecommunications
  • Railway
  • Water
  • Gas lines
  • Electricity
  • Local authority

What we can do:-

  • Prepare any objection to the Scheme and submit the same
  • Negotiate Accommodation Works
  • Negotiate Compensation Claims
  • If required, inspect the installation and execution of the works – Each Scheme is different and requires a bespoke solution.

Butler Land Management Ltd can undertake a number of compensation claims on your behalf for example, crop loss and disturbance on an annual basis, drainage damage, stock movements, loss of value and farmer’s time.

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