Forestry & Landscape


From small scale amenity woodland to commercial forestry, we provide an extensive Management and Consultancy Service within this sector, including:-

  • Felling Licences submitted to the Forestry Commission;
  • Restocking, regeneration and woodland creation through the Scottish Rural Development Programme (Rural Priorities) Grant Scheme;
  • General appraisal and evaluation of standing crop; and
  • Valuation of woodland or forestry

Our qualified in-house team are able to advise, design and implement as well as manage woodland, from the very small amenity to the large commercial plantation.

In addition, our specialist team are able to provide:

  • Planning and Grant Application for Scottish Rural Development Schemes
  • Planting and Establishment
  • Supply of materials
  • Woodland Management – large or small scale
  • Timber Marketing
  • Supervision of Contractors
  • Landscape Maintenance and Management
  • Forestry Valuation and acquisition

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