Since December 2014 the trigger of moving land from Sasine Titles to Land Register Title was completed on the sale of land.   However a new policy has been introduced by the Scottish Government to accelerate the process to transfer Sasine Titles to the Land Register by 2024.  You don’t have to wait for sale of land to transfer your Title.  You can apply to have your Title moved at any time, which is known as Voluntary Registration.

When you apply for a Voluntary Registration you will need to submit a plan showing your Title boundaries on OS data.  Butler Land Management Ltd will be able to assist you in preparing a plan to the correct scale. We have the facility to print various sizes from A4 – A0 and prepare plans at either 1:1250 or 1:2500.

Until mid 2019 there is a 25% reduction in Voluntary Registration fees.

If you would like further information or help in preparing plans please contact either David Butler or Samantha Howatson